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- Contact Y-Shop by email, telephone, SMS and WhatsApp to activate your Membership.

-You can only sign up for Y-shop Membership if you will use our service for period of 4 months. 

- Y-Shop Membership is free of charge.

- You will receive a unique membership number once your membership application is finalised.

-Enjoy all Y-Shop Membership benefits and recommend a friend to use Y-Shop grocery service. 


- - Membership is free of charge and is valid for period of 4 months.

-We do price comparison with and send 3 affordable quotes (3 options) for members.

-We keep your shopping earning points club cards such as Smart Shopper cards etc. We allow you to earn points as if you doing the shopping yourself while you at home or work doing other important things.

-Members can pay in advance for their groceries and we will deliver your groceries every month considering you still have funds on your membership.

-Members get a discount on Y-Shop services when they purchase groceries over a certain amount or over a certain consecutive month using Y-Shop service.

-Members get an update of all grocery items offered by different big grocery stores such as Pick’ n Pay via WhatsApp and email notifications.