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How To Get Your Y-Shop Service Going?

Step 1.  

Contact Y-Shop via telephone, email, send an SMS or WhatsApp massage requesting a Y-Shop grocery service with a list of your grocery/items required with specific sizes/brands of items required eg. OMO 2 Kg, Olive Oil 750ml and specify your favourite grocery shop if you have any. If you not sure of the sizes we can assist by letting you know which sizes are available for the brand required.

- Members can send a grocery list and request a quote we will quote most affordable prices. Quote can only be sent to customers holding a Y-Shop membership unique number (Don’t confuse with order number). Therefore, if you require a quote you will have to send your list with a unique membership number. 

Step 2

Y-Shop staff will confirm receipt of the request confirming that he/she received a complete grocery list (meaning all information on request is received and understood) right on the spot when request is done through telephonically and respond within +/- 15 minutes via email, SMS or WhatsApp. 

- Y-Shop staff member will send you an order number as reference to your request. Keep this number as secret number between you and Y-Shop for safety purposes. You will use the number as reference when processing payment. 

- Y-Shop staff will send grocery quote (3 Options) of most affordable items after receiving the grocery list for Y-Shop Members holding unique membership number (not order/reference number). You will receive order /reference number for your order (This code will be used as reference when processing payment). 

- Y-Shop staff will advise you when a delivery will be made subject to receipt of full payment for the order.

Step 3

You can proceed with payment as per the following payment method options. 

a) EFT payment – Process an EFT and send us proof of payment (see our banking details). A delivery will take place once payment is reflecting in our account or when a legal proof of payment with a unique payment number from your bank is received. 

b) Deposit – process a direct deposit, quote your order/reference number given to you by Y-Shop Staff and send us proof of payment at most convenient time. 

c) e-Wallet – Send us an e-wallet and let us know so that we can allocate the unique number to the payment. 

d) Contact Y-Shop staff for other alternative payments including cash (Note that we do not promote cash payment for Y-Shop services).

Step 4

Y-Shop staff will confirm receipt of payment and contact you to arrange and confirm delivery times and day. 

Step 5

Y-Shop will deliver all your grocery order on the day and time agreed. Please ensure that you have someone to receive the delivery. We always concern about the safety of our customers, To ensure that the person at your gate is from Y-Shop please ask them confirm your order/reference number/code. 

Y-Shop staff will go through the list to ensure that all items are delivered and in good condition. Please ensure that all items are delivered and in good conditions (verify expire dates for dairy product and expiry of sensitive items) before signing a delivery slip given by Y-Shop staff. Please tick and sign for all items in order on the delivery slip and mark with an X items that are outstanding or not in good condition. 

Enjoy and let us know how we can improve our service if all items have been delivered accordingly and check Step six if you still have outstanding items

Step 6

Step 6 is for all customers that didn’t tick all the boxes on the delivery slip. Y-Shop staff will ensure that all outstanding items or broken items are replaced and delivered. Send us an email/sms/WhatsApp or even contact customer service number and give us your unique order number and name of Y-Shop staff that delivered your grocery order.